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The Hive That Thrives: Faith Based Coaching Community

What is The Hive

Her Coach Hive is a membership built for faith based life coaches who are ready to increase in purpose and profitability. This is a safe space for the “Go To Girl” to have a space to Go To and connect with other faith based coaches. We are here to help you become a double edged sword by providing you with resources to grow in business and elevate in faith. We believe in helping women of faith not just live but, Thrive in every aspect with consistent accountability. We are committed to helping women become the highest versions of themselves and increasing in purpose and profitability.

Why You Should Join

At Her Coach Hive we don’t keep up with the trends we set them! We are held at a different standard because we are Kingdom entrepreneurs and we are building an army of women who will operate their businesses in Kingdom excellence. Join us for exclusive content, business training, classes, faith development, unlimited resources and more!

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